Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Differences in males and females still run their course in a society where women have as much equal opportunity as men; defiance towards those differences lead to unhappy women

These comments can be found on this video featuring the brilliant Dr. Jordan B. Peterson:

Alfredo Rafael Habersham Pabon's comment:
"The reason men work these insane hours is because (unlike women) making more money (acquiring more resources) is the way we males ascend in the dominance hierarchy, and appear more attractive to women. On the other hand, a woman working more hours (thus, making more money) have zero impact on how desirable she comes across for men. This also explain why gyms, yoga courses and aerobic classes are full of women, and not many men: Whereas (evolutionary speaking) males are valued as protectors and providers, women are valued in relation to their physical attractiveness, which is nothing but a marker of their reproductive fitness."

Jay Theyme's comment:
"[...] Its definitely true that men who earn money are more attractive to women. Women who earn (or don't earn) well; it really doesn't make a difference to men. They want to see how fit and sexy she is and they don't care if she's an undertaker or a CEO."

What all of this comes down to? Despite how feminists want to destroy the 'social construction' of masculinity and femininity by having women be strong and independent with careers, the nature of femininity still plays its role. Women, in the end, still want families, and prioritize families above all else. The vast majority of women are not cut out for these positions of power--and when they aren't in those positions of power, they are happier. Because women are innately maternal.
When the family is ripped away from a woman, they become less and less happy. And it has really begun to show.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sex is natural. Giving into lust is weak.

Sex. Perhaps the most thought of, most sought after, and most disgraced act in existence.
People often compare it to food, as just another human need, and yet, sex isn’t truly a necessity; the only time sex is necessary is to repopulate, which isn’t an issue in modern times.

So then, what’s my issue of casual, consensual sex? It is arguably the greatest experience in the world—arguably, better than love itself, because to some, ‘love’ is just a way to get sex.
This over-sexualized society of which believes that casual sex is a human need is overly and overtly dependent on sex; one could even say that the majority of people are slaves to their lust.
In a free society like the modern West, close to, if not the majority of people commit adultery due to the common nature of casual sex; hell, cheating can even be considered normal for a relationship. People are sexually promiscuous; both men and women alike. It is strange for anyone under twenty to be a virgin. People are screwing like crazy, with people they do not love. And so, when they do settle down with a mate, they end up cheating. They cannot help it. They've been doing it all their life, after all. They are a slave to their lust.
If the other partner isn’t cheating, they feel rightfully betrayed. Because some people know that sex is a sacred act; it is the act that creates life. And that act should be reserved for a husband and wife to raise mentally healthy children in a loving environment.
Sexually promiscuity isn’t loving; it’s saying that sex is just another casual act that is to be abused. It isn’t special. And when the mother gets pregnant, well, why should the father stick around? He has other females to copulate with. I wish that was sarcasm.

Think of this scenario: your mother, in your childhood, used to cook you your favorite meal every once in a while. Whenever she put that scrumptious meal on your plate, it was a truly special occasion.
Your mother died years ago. You hadn’t tasted that wonderful dish in ages. Thinking of it gives you a warm feeling in your heart; and lo and behold, upon googling it, you find a restaurant nearby that cooks a similar dish. You go there to eat faster than you could blink. You order the dish and savor its taste; not homemade, so the taste isn’t quite as sentimental as mother’s, and yet, it’s good enough. It’s still the best thing you’ve tasted in years.
The next day, you crave for that taste in your mouth again. You want to feel that warmth of your mother’s spirit again. Not able to hold back, you go to the restaurant and order not one, not two, but three of the dishes. You eat all three, enjoying the first two just as much as ever, but by the third one you were getting sort of full and queasy, and to be honest, it just didn’t surprise you, thrill you as much anymore. But still, it was good.
You do that for the next week, and after the seventh day, it’s just another meal to you. Just another habit of which you are used to. It isn’t special. You no longer feel nostalgic, you no longer feel your mother’s warmth.
Replace ‘mother’ with ‘first love’. Replace ‘favorite meal’ with ‘sex’. Sure, you never tire of having sex, but you never tire of your favorite meal. It just doesn’t have that spark. And so you have to adopt new, dirtier kinks, have more adventures, expand your selection of sexual partners, and soon enough, sex’s purpose of child-making seems like a burden for what you perceive as nothing more than a necessary pleasure. You won’t feel intimate with anyone during sex, but your partners will feel intimate with you. You won’t care. The orgasm, it’s all that matters. Congrats, you are a slave to your genitals. You are weak, and have disgraced what was truly beautiful: the natural act of sex.

Monday, July 24, 2017

YouTube Comment War: "Femininity is beautiful" derails into "Gender is a social construct"

I wanted to preserve this comment chain from a Pokemon YouTube video just in case my comments or my debater's comments are deleted.
Note: my commentary is exaggerated for comedic effect.

Comment war was generated on this video:

RThor originally posted and pinned this comment on his video:
"Just to be clear, this video isn't an advocacy of feminism; that's not the focus. The point is that some people need to stop looking down on girliness because their distorted perspective makes them unable to observe girly characters properly. In other words, they misunderstand what certain girly characters are about and what they have in store. It's about getting rid of your prejudices so you can understand characters for what they are. Not some preconceived image of them." 100 likes (one of them from me; oh boy, I didn't realize that RThor was actually aligned with Cultural Marxist gender identity drivel...)

HikariJake (me) comments:
"Haha, this video is the OPPOSITE of what feminism preaches! Modern feminism HATES traditional girliness and says that women are "just as strong" as men, and they advocate that men and women are the exact same and should be the exact same, which is simply not true. Thanks for this video, because femininity and purity are being demonized by modern culture." 5 likes

Clara comments in response to me:
"HikariJake you're pushing your own agenda right there just like those feminists"

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What the hell's the deal with people thinking of being absent from school as morally wrong?

What a rant.

I miss a lot of school; not 2 days a month, not 6 days a month, probably about 10 days a month. I'm a junior in high school and I've stood home the past 8 days in a row now. You know what's preventing me from going back? Truancy tickets, detentions, in-school suspensions, as well as being treated as a freak by all of my "fellow" students. "Why are you absent so much?" Because fuck you, that's why. The real reason is because I don't fucking fit in, I have to put on a facade of politeness and not be myself; if I was myself, it would seem odd as I've been the silent guy all my life so why would I change now? But if I was my honest self, people would still fucking hate me because of my pessimism and hipster beliefs. Fuck all of you students. And fuck all of the "learning" in the classes I have that teach me biased propaganda and useless fucking knowledge.
And don't even get me started on the goddamn police officer and attendance people at school. Those motherfuckers hunt you down and give you all the penalties in the world, and it makes me say "Fuck it, why should I even bother coming back if I'll just be punished for it?"
Lack of attendance is considered more severe than bad grades, even if your grades are good; right now, my grades are shit, but I've been a chronic "truant" throughout my school career, and I used to get some of the best goddamn grades in the class. My diminishing performance has nothing to do with attendance, but everything to do with lack of motivation. I was on the Honor Roll in 7th grade with 50 days of absences, for fuck's sake. And yet, I was still treated as a trouble child, while the guy who talked over the teacher in class and never turned in assignments was fine because he showed up everyday. Apparently, working hard doesn't mean shit as long as you show up, even if when showing up means doing fuck all. Jesus Christ.

Am I a bad person for not going to school? No, I'm a bad person because of my attitude, and it's only gotten worse because of my vile school experiences. There are great "truants" out there, very nice, misunderstood people, but instead you're just going to label them as lazy criminals who deserve to be fined and punished? Fuck you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I think I've figured out why so many people are turning gay.

I think I've figured out why so many people are turning gay.

Women aren't women anymore. Their roles in the workplace are equal to men, they sleep around, they don't want to be committed to a single filthy man.
Women who follow feminism want to be men. That's what they want. That was feminism's message, when it comes down to it: women are inferior. They wanted women to be equal to men. And the only way to be equal, is to... well... be equal. The same. In their twisted way, women are the exact same as men, because screw biology.
Since women want to be men and they want to feel more empowered that way, they want to date a woman of their own. Thus, a lesbian is born.
You ever noticed how every dykey Tumblr feminist has short hair and looks like a man? Because... they want to be men.

As for men, men are told that masculinity and picking up girls is sexist. Being a straight man and hitting on women who are taught that men are evil only results in sexual harassment accusations. Dating modern women is far too much of a hassle. "So let's just not hang out with women," they'll think. They'll hang out with their male buddies 24/7, and become attracted to them after convincing themselves that they don't need women.
Or they'll become an unhappy beta male white knight who'll never get a girl in his 20's and then settle down for an unfulfilling feminist bitch when he's 30.

Then, in teen culture, being gay or a tranny is the new fad. All of their friends are posting gay shit about unicorns on their Facebook wall, all of their friends are wearing flower crowns, all of their friends have LGBT flag in their profile pic. So they become gay too. If you happen to be straight in that friend group, you'd be ostracized. It's happened to me. Thank God I moved away from that friend group. I was sick of being odd for being straight.

It's an epidemic that toxic masculinity and third wave feminism have brewed, and as women become more entitled and being a stay home mother is frowned upon by feminists, this problem is only going to get worse.

"What problem?" The liberal will ask, "The earth is already overpopulated. We don't need anymore babies from filthy cis heteros."
And to that, I say... bullshit. Go move to Australia or Russia or in plenty of countryside states in the US and tell me there's not enough room for traditional straight couples to thrive.